James has enjoyed drawing from a young age. He was eventually bought paper and pencils to stop him from drawing on any other available surface (including the walls and his mother’s bread board!)
James originally wanted to become a vet, but so many other things seemed to take priority to revising for his A' Levels! So, he decided to follow his other passion and study to become an artist. James then spent 4 years at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design studying Natural History Illustration. While at college friends and relatives often asked him to do pet portraits for them, he finished college in 1992 and has worked full time on commissions since 1994. The majority of James's work is gained through ' word of mouth'.
James has a natural rapport with all his subjects and feels that the reason he is recommended to others is his attention to detail, especially the eyes, making detailed colour notes and sketches while photographing his subject.
James frequently undertakes posthumous portraits for people whose pets are no longer with them, using the owner’s own photographs to create a lasting memory.
James is married to Holly and they have a son, Noah, they also have an ever-growing menagerie of dogs including 2 Jack Russells, a Fox-Red Lab, an English Bull Terrier and a EBT X, not to mention various foster dogs, nine Degus and into double figures of tropical fish tanks all with ever changing populations! He’s a bit worried each time he opens his eyes that something else has arrived!